March 2, 2009

Word of Wizards - Zealous Assassin

Player's Handbook 2 Excerpts: Zealous Assassin

The Zealous Assassin is a paragon path for the Avenger that is trained in Stealth. They are some sort of divine assassins that are mainly found in religions that favor stealth, shadow and secrecy and their attacks and features capitalizes on them. They sink into darkness or become invisible and strike their opponents where they least expected.

Zealous Assassins have Divine Shroud Action (11th level path feature) which grants them concealment until the end of their next turn when they spend an action point to gain an extra action. They can also teleport 3 squares before or after taking that action.

Once they got close to a bloodied target, they finish them off with their Finishing Technique (11th level path feature) which deals an extra 1d6 damage towards a bloodied target that grants them combat advantage.

When they gain the Zealot's Veil (16th level path feature), they have perfected the art of stealth. This allows them to make a Stealth check against the passive Perception of the target that the Assassin charges at without penalty. If the check succeeds, the Assassin gains combat advantage against that target for that attack.

Zealot Assassins are known to Strike from Empty Air (Level 11, Encounter) that deals 3[w]+Wis mod damage or 4[w]+wis mod if the Assassin has combat advantage against the target. The assassin could teleport 2 squares either before or after the attack.

They also use their Avenging Shadow (Level 12, Daily) to turn invisible to a target until the end of the Assassin's next turn or save ends if the target is marked by the Assassin's Oath of Enmity.

Beware the Blade of the Zealot (Level 20, Daily) that deals 4[w]+wis mod radiant damage followed by ongoing 10 radiant damage and grants the Assassin combat advantage against the target (save ends both). On a miss, the target still takes ongoing 5 radiant damage and grants combat advantage to the Assassin (save ends both).

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