April 6, 2009

Pray for Dave Arneson!

DISCLAIMER: As per his family's wishes, please do not make any attempt to contact, visit or send him anything. His family would like to keep this private so just send your thoughts, prayers and your spiritual presence to the man that was no less important than Gygax.

According to and the OD&D Discussion boards, Dave Arneson, co-creator of Dungeons and Dragons has been hospitalized and looking at sources, things are not too well for him.

I got this message yesterday from Bob (Robert the Bald) Meyers regarding the health of Dave Arneson. As everyone knows, Dave is co-creator of our favorite hobby game and has been a frequent poster here.

David's cancer has unexpectedly worsened just this week, to the point that he is in the hospital. He is heavily sedated and not doing well. He is not expected to live for more than a couple days, if that long.

This one came in today. Bob’s original plan was to hold off on an announcement, but I convinced him that it would be nice to get the information out right away. My hope is that Bob can track down an address so folks here can send cards and flowers to demonstrate to Dave just what he has meant to our community.

I will see what I can do about getting an address, and will post this on your forum.

Clearly, this is devastating to Dave’s family as well as his gaming friends. :( Updates will be posted here as I get them.

Again I would like to remind everyone not to do anything that will violate his family's wishes but just give your intangible support and heart during these delicate and troubled times for their family and as a gamer.

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