April 7, 2009

Word of Wizards - Previews for April and Beyond

Previews for April and Beyond

April is upon us and here's what we can expect to see in the coming months up to June. A couple of supplements, one for players and one for DMs and a couple of adventures to go with it that will give ample time and space to try out both.


Arcane Power is going to be released next week and if you've been following the excerpts from the book, it is shaping up to be pretty good with new rules for summoning and familiars that some of us have been waiting for.

Speaking of new rules, how about new implements?

In this extra preview of Arcane Power, we are introduced to the Tome, that musty book filled with arcane formulas and knowledge which has never been anything more than a different name for a spellbook in previous editions, can now be used during combat which also adds an implement bonus to attack and damage rolls, just like an ordinary implement in 4E.

Any wizard who picks a tome for her implement mastery can either choose to use it as a Tome of Binding or Tome of Readiness which gives benefits to the summoner and the general wizard respectively. There's even a couple of magical tomes being included to demonstrate how tomes will be designed to cater to either types.

For once per encounter, all creatures summoned by the Tome of Binding by a summoning power in that turn deals extra damage to their damage rolls equal to the Con modifier of the summoner. For a magical tome, the Tome of Forty Steps gives +1 item bonus to speed of summoned creatures using this tome and its daily power gives the summoner a free move action that can only be used to command the summoned creature, as long as it stays in existence.

If used as a Tome of Readiness, the tome will contain an encounter power that is not known to the wizard equal to the current level of the wizard. This encounter power can be replaced whenever the Wizard reaches a new level that allows him to pick another encounter power. Once per encounter, the Wizard may choose to use the encounter power stored in the tome instead of his normal encounter powers but still require the normal actions to cast the one in the tome.

The daily power of the Book of Undeniable Fire allows you to store two daily fire spells instead but they cannot be changed when chosen and once per day, you can swap a daily power to use either one of these two powers until the end of the encounter.

Once you've armed yourself with your flashy arcane bling-bling, take it out for a test run in the first module of the Epic series, E1: Death's Reach.

After defeating the Nightwyrm who has been sucking souls away from their final rest, the Raven Queen has decided to take action against those who will disturb the natural order. But first, the heroes are summoned to an audience with the Raven Queen in her court.

Check out the awesome description of the Citadel of the Raven Queen and even the Raven Queen herself!


There's only one major release in May but it's going to be a big one. Although excerpts are only expected to roll in next week, preview of the Monster Manual 2 kicks off with the 4E stats of two returning monsters that have an appetite to match.

The Green Slime is a Level 4 Lurker that hangs on walls and ceilings to Engulf (at-will, standard) its prey. Once engulfed (save ends), the victim takes ongoing 5 acid damage plus 1d6 acid damage because of the slime's Rapid Dissolution. All damage dealt the slime with an engulfed creature is split between the slime and the victim and the slime can only attack the engulfed creature until it dies.

Diamondhide Xorns are Level 16 Skirmishers that move easily within the earth and stones with their Earth Glide that allows them to burrow their speed through solid rock. They use their Triple Strike claws (standard, at-will) that has a reach 2 to strike at three different targets. When not ingesting metals or minerals, their Earthy Maw (standard, at-will) deals a bite of 2d8+7 damage.

They are deadly predators on the ground. They can Undermine (standard, recharge 5,6) by burrowing their speed and under a non-flying enemy to deal 4d8+7 damage and restrain the target (save ends). When taking a defensive position, they Submerge (minor, at-will) into the ground which gives them a +2 to AC until it moves. If the fight goes badly against them, they Retreat (immediate reaction when missed by a melee attack, at-will) which allows them to burrow their speed.


After venturing into the realm of the Raven Queen, it's time to enter into the E2: Kingdom of the Ghouls.

Doresain the Ghoul King and exarch of Orcus is planning something that will rise his lord to the seat over the souls that Orcus has been craving for. Can the heroes stop Doresain's plans in his Court of Teeth?

That's just a little sneak peek into this adventure.

So as you can see there's is a new product for everyone in these coming months and if you are not a subscriber, you can take a look at what's coming up in Divine Power here.

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