April 23, 2009

{Quest Log} Questing for Top 10 RPGs

I'm trying to start another weekly feature which I'm calling it the Quest Log. Every Thursday, this feature will be a post about my rants, ramblings, musings, memories or other complete randomness about gaming-related topics. Let's see if I can pull this off and hope that you'll enjoy reading it. Comments and feedback, whether about this new feature or the weekly content, will be most appreciated as always.

On Monday, Zachary Houghton from RPG Blog II had just concluded his contest for voting our Top 25 RPGs. Being a gamer that is remotely away from the gaming scene, I certainly didn't have 25 games to list but I managed to cook up 10 games that I've played and would want to play if I ever get the chance. It wasn't easy coming up with these games. Most of them would be unheard of here and I only got to know about them through forums and blogs, so don't be surprised if some of these choices sounded cliche.

DISCLAIMER: After I submitted my list for the contest, I noticed that, interestingly, I had left 4E D&D out of the list. It must have completely slipped my mind while I was writing it or my mind must have assumed that it would be in there somewhere. So the list below is a slightly edited version of the list that I had submitted but my choices for the contest would still stay the same.

Anyway, here goes in descending order...

1. Dungeons & Dragons 3.x
The first real D&D game that I got myself into and where most of my gaming years and money is spent. If I would call myself a grognard someday, I would be a 3.x grognard. I still think this game is playable and serviceable which is also the catalyst for the game I picked at no. 5 and no. 6 so this game does mean quite a lot to me.

2. D20 Modern
My second favorite genre of RPGs would be modern-era espionage, military or mercenary games. D20 Modern was the first modern game I had and since it was made by Wizards and the d20 system, it was a smooth transition for me as a 3.x gamer. I love the system because of its cinematic feel and it really encourages a lot of explosive game play. The support line for D20 Modern were great in concept even if they didn't transfer very well into other eras. If I can't play as a sword wielding dragonslayer, I play as a double barrel shotgun wielding gunslinger any day.

3. Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition
My first published RPG games. Before that I was using homebrewed systems designed by me or my brother to play RPGs and when I got my hands on the Player's Handbook for this, it opened up my door into becoming a lifelong gamer. In fact, I ran this game even without a DMG or MM so my group wasn't probably using all the rules but our imaginations alone did gave us alot of fun. Hoping one day to get myself the full set of this game and have players who would play this for old time sake.

4. Trinity
My first and only attempt at a White Wolf game (had a false start with Werewolf but the game never kicked off). I never got a hang of the mechanics because I was only 9 or 10 years old at the time. I rolled those d10s whenever I was told to. I still remember the character I played which was fun. A psychic doctor that could manipulate organic/biological matter and bursting the enemies organs was cool back then even today. It did make a little place in my heart for all things psionic (fantasy or SF).

The four games that I've mentioned are the ones that I've played. For the remainder of this list are games that I haven't but am eager to try them out very soon.

5. Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition
Believe it or not, I still haven't had my first taste of a 4E game after it has been released for so long. Although the changes seem a bit radical from previous editions but from the rules, it looks fun and something that my group would enjoy. Needless to say, I'm very excited to try out the new rules and get a session or campaign running very soon.

6. Pathfinder
The spirit of 3.x lives on and I'm very excited to see the changes that they made towards the OGC d20 system. This is also coupled by the fact that Paizo has been a favorite of mine for their creative description and fluff. Very eager to try this out (if my gaming group don't convert into 4E fanboys) and hopefully it will stand side by side with my no. 1.

7. True20
I haven't taken a real deep look at this system yet but it looks like a simplified and streamlined version of the d20 system. It's also very generic which makes it a handy toolbox to run and create a specific feel for a setting or campaign that I am reminded about in my head once in a while.

8. D6 Fantasy
Dices are a rarity from where I come from. D6 dices are the only abundant dices that we can find and this is my pick of a fantasy game to introduce to new players who are not equipped to play a d20 game. It uses a point buy system that I'm quite intrigued to test out but simplicity without impeding creativity is where I give this game a place in my list.

9. Primetime Adventures
The very concept of this game just intrigues me. Getting to literally replay those television moments (and it spans across genres too) is something that really plays up the childish dreams and nostalgia of becoming an actor on TV. But I have to say why this game is great is because of its uniqueness and paradigm shift from conventional roleplaying. Only reason why this game is quite low on my list is because it is even harder to explain how it works and finding the right players to make this game enjoyable can be quite a challenge.

10. Exalted 2nd Edition
If you noticed by now both White Wolf games are at the bottom of my played and want to play list. I don't have alot of love for White Wolf probably because I don't quite get the mechanics. However, I'm giving Exalted a chance because of 3 reasons. One, I got it for free thanks to PDFgate. Two, I give praise for White Wolf's effort to try a make a fantasy game that does not involve vampires, werewolves, wraiths and golems. Three because despite the system, I like White Wolf's style towards setting and mood which as a fluff addict wants to take a shot at this.

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