April 24, 2009

Word of Wizards - April 2009 Character Builder & Compendium News

April 2009 Character Building & Compendium News

This month's batch update for the Character Builder and the Compendium is up and the database is updated with stuff from Arcane Power, Dragon 373, Dungeon 164, E1 Death's Reach and presumably the power cards from the Player's Handbook Heroes Series 1.

There's also some added features in the Builder such as a minor redesign of the Gear page and they've included a Glossary tab in the Compendium.

There's even a little something for non-subscribers too. The demo version of the Character Builder has added in the content from Player's Handbook 2 but you can only use it to generate characters up to level 3. Try it out and maybe it's a good time to reconsider that subscription.

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