April 25, 2009

Word of Wizards - D&D Miniatures Gallery: Player's Handbook Heroes Set 1

Player's Handbook Heroes Set 1

The full gallery of all the Player's Handbook Heroes miniatures are up at Wizards' so you can take a look at all 18 of them there. It seems that they have skipped one box of Arcane Heroes in their preview which has a male human wizard, a female Eladrin sorcerer and a half elf fighter/warlock. So I'm going to review just the miniatures since they didn't include the power cards that come along with them in the gallery.

Human Wizard
The yellow seems a little corny and from what I've heard so far is that the color scheme of the same mini varies in different boxes. If that is true, I think this miniature could look better in other colors. With the staff and a book in hand, it makes the perfect miniature that uses both of these implements. Overall, a generically useful miniature.

Eladrin Sorcerer
Or should I say sorceress? Although the blue does make it look like some sort of frost mage (which is cool by the way), the whole tights look does make it feel more like a superhero than a sorcerer. I guess this can be a hit or miss for some but I like to see it as the miniature's versatility across genres, no less.

Half-Elf Warlock/Fighter
I'm not sure how is this a warlock, maybe it's the dagger? But the armor does make this a great substitute for a warlord, paladin or cleric and it can easily represent a human, elf or eladrin. A pretty nice miniature overall if I could discern his weaponry.

Overall, I would have to say that this set feels a little meh. Not many of the sculpts are very impressive or just have very unheroic poses and I believe there are better sculpts to reuse than these. Another disappointment is that not all the races and classes from the Player's Handbook 2 have been represented (deva, shifter, gnome, warden, shaman, invoker) while some other races (human, eladrin, elf) and classes (cleric and barbarian) have been repeated far too much. The lack of a dragonborn fighter or any of the heavier martial classes just seems weird.

But there are still some gems among these though so make no mistake. So I'll also be looking forward to the next set.

Want share any thoughts on the first Heroes set?

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