April 25, 2009

Word of Wizards - 25/4/09

Wizards has been feeding the flame with the release of Arcane Power and E1 Death's Reach, this week. Art and map galleries, ideas on how to use them and a rules update were some of the highlights this week. Other than that, excerpts from Monster Manual 2 followed by previews of the Dangerous Delves miniatures is setting up for a monstrous month ahead.

Also happening this week was Wizards taking a deep look back at Dave Arneson that revealed some things that we may not know about his contributions to D&D which was pretty interesting.

Havent' been around this week? Then catch up with the rundown below.

Arcane Power Art Gallery
Monster Manual 2 Excerpts: Giatns

Tuesday (21/4/09)
Arcane Power Update

E1 Death's Reach Art & Map Gallery
Steal This Hook! Arcane Threats
Use This Book Tonight! E1 Death's Reach
Dangerous Delves Preview 2

Friday (24/4/09)
April 2009 Character Builder & Compendium News
D&D Alumni: Dave Arneson
Dangerous Delves Preview 3
Monster Manual 2 Excerpts: Pod Demon
Player's Handbook Heroes Miniature Gallery

There's nothing going on next week other than the compilation and the galleries from both Dragon and Dungeon. But I guess we can expect a few surprises?

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