April 8, 2009

Word of Wizards - D&D Podcast: Penny Arcade/PvP Ep8

D&D Podcast: Penny Arcade/PvP Ep8

The final episode of the podcast is at hand and the final showdown is on.

With the Acquisition badly battered by the Orcus necromancer, Binwin and Jim Darkmagic are taken out of the fight. As the remaining characters gang up and move in for the kill, unbelievable bad luck strikes.

Things aren't going well for the party and the tension is rising. How are they going to beat the odds?

Who will be the MVP?

Will the Acquisition get what they came for?

Catch the finale and according to the podcast notes, this adventure will be featured in a future Dungeon so Insiders can relive the dramatic and hilarious adventure of the Acquisition.

I've really enjoyed listening to this series and wouldn't mind if Wizards made this a regular feature on their website. There's probably a few things to learn from this (like how to handle the Penny Arcade/PvP crew as a DM) and I think it would be very beneficial to those who've never played or are first time gamers.

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