April 29, 2009

Word of Wizards - D&D Podcast: Skill Challenges (April 2009)

D&D Podcast: Skill Challenges (April 2009)

In this podcast, Mike Mearls and Jeremy Crawford discuss about skill challenges by answering some questions that were sent in to them. They talked about some issues with the DCs, aid another, failing skill challenges and giving options to the players when in the middle of skill challenges.

Most of it is sound advice, if not unheard of, but definitely worth a listen to if you need some help to wrap your head around skill challenges. There are some good examples provided by Mike Mearls on to make skill challenges work or flow better in the game so you can take those as reference when designing your own.

The main points that I could catch from this podcast is to make Skill Challenges challenging because that's what they are suppose to do, so there has to be a tension when the players are in one. Secondly, skill challenges are meant to complement and move the story forward, not grind them to a halt. So think about the consequences to both success and failure to defeat a skill challenge. These I think are the essential guidelines of creating skill challenges and how to implement them into your game.

Breaking up skill challenges into easier but multiple bits is a strategy that is suggested which might be worth looking into or trying.

What do you think about skill challenges after listening to this podcast?

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