April 29, 2009

Word of Wizards - Dangerous Delves Preview 4

Dangerous Delves Preview 4

Today's preview features 2 monsters that will be appearing on the Monster Manual 2. They are the Frost Giant (which was also recently featured in an excerpt) and the Rust Monster. But let's also take a look at the others shall we?

Frost Giant
Looks fairly good if only the face could be a little more detailed. Thankfully this is a visible miniature so generally no complaints on this one. The stat cards are very similar to the stats in the excerpt linked above so no surprises there too.

Rust Monster
This is probably another monster that has been in high demand and haven't been made into a miniature until now. Can't really say much on this miniature other than being a brown plastic that is vaguely shaped like a rust monster.

From the stat card of this uncommon critter, it says that the Rust Monster is a Level 6 Skirmisher. Its Bite (standard; at-will) reduces the AC of any character that wears metal armor by 1 up to a cumulative maximum of -5. The same is done towards any metal weapon that hits its Rusting Defense which reduces the damage.

Blood Scarab
I'm not sure where does this common bloodsucker come from. It might have appeared somewhere else or is an entirely new monster. From its stat card, the Blood Scarab is a Level 3 Lurker with a Blood Drain aura that weakens anyone who start their turn within the aura 3. I'm not a big fan of bugs but this could easily act as any medium sized bugs.

Githyanki Warrior
I've been desperately wanting some good Githyanki miniatures since 3.x when I wanted to start an Incursion campaign and since it's also my favorite monster of all time. The Githyanki has also been one of the unrepresented races in the previous sets so I'm glad to see this one in this set. My only complaint is that it's a freaking rare!

Like the foulspawn in the previous preview, we can expect to see more variations of githyanki miniatures in the future sets for this year. Needless to say, I'm terribly excited for the love that the githyanki is deservingly getting.

Githzerai Zerth
If you love the githyanki then the githzerai comes as a naturally close second. We will also be seeing more of these guys in future sets but this Zerth is also a rare.

Any thoughts on these miniatures?

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