April 3, 2009

Word of Wizards - Divine Heroes

Player's Handbook Heroes Preview 2

Today's preview starts off with good news. It looks like the preview of the new miniature line will appear on every Wednesday and Friday and they intend to show us even the Dangerous Delves monster minis that will be released next month.

For today's preview, we look at one of the Divine Heroes boxed set which comes with a male dwarf paladin, female halfling cleric and a male human cleric.

Dwarf Paladin
This one looks neat as a paladin of Moradin or a dwarf fighter that wields a warhammer and shield. This paladin comes with an at-will power; Challenging Strike which marks the enemy you hit.

Halfling Cleric
Doesn't look male or female to me and the shield is doing a fine job of not letting you find out. So I guess you can use this for either but the lack of carrying a weapon does bother me a little. This mini likes to Walk Among the Wounded (encounter, level 6) which grants +1 AC (+2 if bloodied) to allies that she walks adjacent to up to her speed which also counts even if she walked passed them.

Human Cleric

This mini is a rehash (and much younger version) of the Cleric of St. Cuthbert mini that I own which means that we can expect to see a revision of old sculpts with hopefully better paint jobs. Usable as a cleric, paladin or a good leader character with a funky mustache like that. From his eyes, he has a Gaze of Defiance (at-will) that has a designation effect and encouraging other PCs to take that target.

Share your ideas on how you would use these minis or discuss about their powers.

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