April 3, 2009

Word of Wizards - Excerpts: Feats

Arcane Power Excerpts: Feats

Today's excerpt is the list of general heroic feats and also for the wizards and warlocks that doesn't tell us anything more about what the feat actually does. The excerpt also mentions about Familiar feats but unfortunately none of them are included or showcased in the list, so there isn't whole lot of information about that one.

Looking at the list, a large number of the feats are tied to a race while the others just add very small amounts of damage on certain conditions. Here's some of the feats that I have my eyes on.

  • Arcane Reserve (human, any arcane class) +2 damage to at-will powers when encounter powers are expended
  • Dual Implement Spellcaster (Dex 13, any arcane class) Add off-hand implement enhancement to damage rolls
  • Elven Arcane Precision (elf, any arcane class) Reroll Elven Accuracy against all targets of a power
  • Twist the Arcane Fabric (eladrin, any arcane class) Fey Step an ally out of your power's area of effect
  • Cursed Advantage (drow, warlock, Warlock's Curse) Gain combat advantage against cursed enemy
  • Destructive Wizardry (Dex 13, wizard) +2 to damage if you hit 2 or more targets

Share your thoughts on these feats or any other that is the link above.


Wyatt said...

I will finally be able to wield my twin wands, Hurt and Burn, and make my enemies rue this day. RUE IT HARD.

Questing GM said...

Hey Wyatt,'re making me think of Dante from Devil May Cry with his dual handguns; Ebony and Ivory.

But yeah, dual implements is the new badass of D&D. Out of the way, Drizzt!