April 17, 2009

Word of Wizards - Excerpts: E1 Death's Reach

E1 Death's Reach Excerpts

Terribly sorry for the late update, I was caught up with some stuff that disturbed my writing mental state that required some concentration so I've missed the updates on Wednesday. Thankfully, that's gone now so I can catch up to what I missed and will be bringing you the rest of the updates that will be coming on Friday shortly.

In this excerpt of E1 Death's Reach, we are given four encounters and a background excerpt. There is quite a heavy amount of spoiler content in these excerpts so DMs who are intending to run this module might want to encourage his players to stay away from these excerpts and this review.

The background excerpt reveals some lore that DMs might want to look ahead and it be would highly recommended to get yourself a copy of Dragon 364 (which should be free) to get more information or add more depth to the faction that will be the main antagonists for the PCs in this adventure.

They've included the opening encounter for the module which can give DMs a head start to prepare and there's a fight with an Aspect of Orcus which is epic. The rest of the encounters seem to introduce alot of new monsters that are devastating which makes this look like a pretty challenging module to run and play.

Any thoughts about the module based on these encounters?

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