April 17, 2009

Word of Wizards - Vicious Venues - The Three Dancing Cats

Vicious Venues - The Three Dancing Cats

Familiars have been featured in Arcane Power and this month's Dragon and I think it's making pet loving gamers swoon with appreciation. Although this month's Vicious Venues isn't in the form of a podcast that I expected, they have introduced a new location that can be a great place to incorporate familiars into your game. Where else, other than The Three Dancing Cats, a pet or should I say familiars shop.

The shop is owned by Felethiel, a tiefling female and Turuthon, a male elf that were adventuring companions before they managed to grab this shop after clearing out a lair of marauding ettercaps. They share a love and passion for animals and have settled down to run this shop as veterinarians, trainers and caretakers for stranded and injured animals that are looking for new masters. There's is more than three cats in the shop but one of them is the resident fey panther, Isyl, which the couple saved when it was a starving kitten.

This article gives a very good and clear description of the shop itself and what assortment of mundane to exotic pets that can be found in it. There's also some plot hooks that can connect this shop with some devious plots of all things related to cute and cuddly animals.

There's an added level of depth to the owners who expresses their views about adventurers and how do they treat their animal companions. If a fight ever breaks out in the shop, there are combat stats for the owners and some of their pets. It's a simple EL 5 encounter but an equal leveled PCs will be in for some deadly surprises.

Overall, the details of this shop is very well done and I really like the commentaries made by the owners about animal treatment by adventurers. It's something that rings very true in my group especially. I should probably introduce a group of animal rights activists in my game after seeing this article.

Any thoughts on The Three Dancing Cat and its quirkiness?

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Wyatt said...

My typical idea about animals in D&D.

1. If it has stats, it probably wants to kill me.
2. By that same token, if it has stats, I probably want to kill it.