April 2, 2009

Word of Wizards - Martial Heroes Preview 1

Martial Heroes Preview 1

The new D&D Miniatures line is being released this month and we are given a preview of the the first box in the Martial Heroes set which features the martial classes from the Player's Handbook.

Each box contains 3 visible miniatures (2 males & 1 female) and each of them has their own unique power cards that are not reprinted anywhere else. Most of these powers are at-wills or utility powers but as the line progresses, Wizards is planning to include encounter and daily powers eventually.

This box will contain a male elf ranger, a male human fighter and a female dragonborn rogue (click the link to check out the pics).

The power that was shown in this preview belongs to the ranger called Hunter's Teamwork (level 1, at-will). It is a simple Dex vs. AC, 1[W]+Dex attack but it grants the ranger combat advantage against the target if there are two or more allies adjacent to the target.

I don't think they look too bad but it didn't really meet my expectations when they said that it was going to get the paint job for the rares in the random line. Then again, it's just screenshots and seeing the real thing could change my judgement of it. At $10.99, I wouldn't say that it is really expensive, better than buying a booster without knowing what's in it.

So any thoughts on this preview?

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