April 10, 2009

Word of Wizards - Primal Heroes

Player's Handbook Heroes Preview 4

Now that we're done with the power sources from Player's Handbook 1, we move to see the miniatures for Primal Heroes from Player's Handbook 2. Today we have the male Goliath Barbarian, female Elf Druid and male Human Barbarian.

Goliath Barbarian
To be honest, I'm very disappointed by how the look of this miniature turned out to be, if this is indeed the final version that will be in the boxes. Comparing this to how it looked the first time it was shown, there's been a really dramatic reduction in the quality of the paint job. Still, this sturdy barbarian can take the hits and Laugh It Off (Level 6; daily?) which reduces some of the damage dealt by a target and gives the barbarian a bonus against it.

Elf Druid
Perhaps it just me but that is quite a masculine face and the dressing doesn't seem to help. By holding a staff, this mini can be either a druid or a wizard but also makes a good NPC traveler in the woods. With a different color scheme, this mini could be versatile to represent other classes. As a druid, it can control a Grasping Tide (level 1? at-will) which knocks any creature prone that leaves a certain burst area.

Human Barbarian
This looks more like a half-orc than a human which means it can represent both races. I would use this as the Human Berserker from the Monster Manual if I have more than one of these. With a vicious axe like that, no wonder this barbarian likes to go Foe to Foe (level 1; at-will) after wading through some minions.

Having 2 barbarians in the same box doesn't sit well with me which means that I will have to buy another box just to get a Warden or Shaman. I mean what's wrong with putting either one of those in there instead of having a repeated class?

Any thoughts on these minis?


Anonymous said...

Though I will probably get these . . . I was hoping for a bit more quality. I was really hoping for some new, better molds or at least better touch ups.

Questing GM said...

Hey thievescant,

Agreed. Using reused sculpts also doesn't seem to help much either. I really hope that the physical product isn't as bad as the pictures on the internet.