May 14, 2009

{Quest Log} RL and RP Don't Mix

From this week onwards, things would probably be very slow here on the Questing GM.

Unfortunately, while I really like to get on writing about my own Appendix N and a post for this month's blog carnival, real life priorities (i.e., assignments followed by final exams) are now my current concerns that will probably last throughout this week until mid June.

Although this sounds like I'm taking a short hiatus from my regular RPG blogging, I'll still be trying to cover the updates coming from Wizards and now Paizo. If not, you probably won't hear from me until all is settled and done.

While I'm dreading to face the next few weeks that will determine if I walk out of university with my degree and dignity intact, but I digress. Quest Log is all about gaming related topics. So let's talk about what I would like to do once I've achieved freedom.
  • Now that I have a free and legal copy of H1 Keep on the Shadowfell, I intend to start reading, re-read and prep for this adventure so that I can run this once I get back to my gaming group in my hometown. I'll probably be posting my 'prep log' on this blog just to show you how I do things (for good or for ill).

  • With more free time, I could also start reading more games to learn their new rules. Dissection and breakdown of these systems are probably also forthcoming for this blog. Haven't decided which rules I should go first but it should be anyone that is in my top ten list.

  • I should also probably start to plan for a campaign since I haven't done so for a very long time. Maybe a revisit for my Githyanki Incursion campaign is in order for this one. It would probably start with my system I would be using to the main plot and so on. Then again, there are so many other campaigns that I feel like running.

I'm really looking forward to share more of my gaming thoughts but then first things first. Wish me luck and enjoy your gaming life.

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