May 24, 2009

Questing's Readings - 24/5/09

There goes another week but things are still busy over here. Nonetheless, I've managed to get a few reads through for this week which I enjoyed and would really recommend to you.

Sorry once again for not including a blurb for them this week but it's really worth checking out these posts if you already haven't done so.

Advanced Gaming Theory
Good vs. Good
Handling Invisibility Fairly

Capturing Fantasy
What to Do When a Scene Takes a Twist

Critical Hits
Lessons from the Heroic Tier

Dungeon's Master
Deal The Most Damage
Rewards Beyond Experience

Exchange of Realities
How To Hide Archetypes Use

Dealing With Large Casts of Characters
Narrative Anchors: Keep Characters From Disappearing!

Gaming Brouhaha
One time at D&D camp...

The Meta-Plot as Railways

J.R. Blackwell
Role-Playing Week

Kobold Quarterly Forums
How does the query process work?

Musings of the Chatty DM
Friday Chat: Dealing with Instigators

Robertson Games
Gaming on the Right Side of the Brain

RPG Centric
Is this the future of your gaming table?

Sly Flourish
Three Tips for Thunderspire Labyrinth

The Fine Art of the TPK
More real life creatures that would slowly digest - then excrete your players.

The RPG Athenaeum
Tantalize your players with a well-crafted prophecy
Need a jump-start on adventure writing? Start with a legend

Uncle Bear
Worldbuilding 101: Storybuilding
For the Players: Character Building 101

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