May 31, 2009

Questing's Readings - 'Old School' Arguments Getting Old Edition

If you an old school gamer then you probably didn't miss the recent maelstrom that has struck the old school gaming community. It all started with this post in Grognardia and it has stirred quite a storm among other old school bloggers.

Being too young to even be born during the old school days and unable to mature myself into that mode of thinking about gaming, I'm normally indifferent or not interested in this issue but I've included this edition because it's an interesting reaction in the RPG bloggersphere and it's probably a bigger deal than I imagined.

So, if you somehow managed to avoid or miss the thunder and lightning or just want to get a clearer picture of what everyone is saying about it, then please feel free to use the list below. If you have something to say about it or feel obliged to enlighten this youngling, then feel free to drop a comment or two.

Alex Schroeder
Old School Affordances

Bat in the Attic
Old School is an attitude
Where that Old School Feeling Is Important

Chogwiz's Old Guy RPG Blog
No, seriously. There is no spoon.

Tales of the Rambling Bumblers
Old School is a Perfectly Cromulent Term

The Dwarf and the Basilisk
About This "What is Old-School" Argument

The Omnipotent Eye
What the heck is this "old school" anyway?

Wondrous Imaginings
My Response to the Grognardia essay "More Than a Feeling"


Zachary The First said...

Nice recap. I personally didn't have a dog in this fight. I read the stuff, but this just seems more and more like the OSR's version of Old Faithful--every 2 months or so*, it comes up, and a ton of steam is blown off.

(*-I know that isn't the schedule for the real-life Old Faithful. Still).

Andreas Davour said...

Nice recap indeed. You even managed to include me. Thanks!

Questing GM said...

Hey Zach,

Noted. I should keep my eyes on the next blast. This is probably less of a deal than I thought then.

Hey Andres,

Welcome to the blog and you're welcome on the link.

Looking forward to your side of the argument and definition of old school.