May 31, 2009

Questing's Readings - 31/5/09

It's great to be back to doing this weekly feature now that my time has been freed up quite immensely thanks to the coming end of the semester (and hopefully my degree course). This also means that I have some good reading time to spend for blogs from the RPG Bloggers Network and now we're back to our regular format including blurbs for great post that I recommend.

This week, we had a couple of posts and thoughts on equipment and encumbrance rules which I think is a good topic to be tackled someday.

Advanced Gaming & Theory
REPOST: Villain Creation
A long but good post on how to create villains and what they can do to make them memorable.

Campaign Mastery
Top 9 Dungeon Master Screen Hacks
9 things that you can add to your DM screen to make it more useful.

Cogito, ergo ludo
Basics of dice probabilities
A basic introduction to calculating probability including and/or probabilities.

Dungeon Mastering
Deadliest Monster, Part I: Ancient Red Dragon vs Ancient Gold Dragon
Pitting the most powerful ancients of the Chromatic and Metallic dragons in 4E, Deadliest Warrior style with a point by point comparison between the two stat-wise.

Dungeon's Master
10 Things I Learned at World Wide D&D Game Day
10 things to-do and not-to-do during a short one-shot convention game.

Making the Meta-Plot Works for You
Ways to insert the meta-plot into your campaign and a couple of pointers on how to manage it.

How To Go Over 200 MPH in 4E
Using 4E rules to create a character that can run up to that speed. An interesting demonstration of the mechanics.

James Wyatt's Musings
Night Below conversion, part 1
James Wyatt converting the Night Below to 4E rules. This is sure to be interesting to read if you have that module.

Jonathan Drain's D20 Source
Player's Guide to D&D 4th Edition (For 3E Players)
A great list of things that has changed from 3.x to 4E from the basics, races, classes, skills, feats, equipment, combat, magic and other minor changes. A very good introduction to the 4E mechanics if you are coming from 3.x.

Life and Times of a Philippine Gamer
Motivational Triggers
Finding the buttons to make your players more proactive with their characters.

Do RPG Bloggers Focus Too Much on Dungeons and Dragons?
Some thoughts on whether it's healthy for the industry for bloggers to pay so much attention to D&D.

Sly Flourish
Four Tips for Buying D&D Miniatures
Some money-saving tips on buying D&D's randomized miniatures and how to store them.

How Not To LARP
A very funny video of a fictional LARPer getting arrest.

Sham's Grog 'n Blog
Q&A with Greg Svenson
An old school blog that isn't caught up with the debacle this week and interviewed someone from Arneson's gaming table. Very interesting piece of Blackmoor and gaming history.

Stargazer's World
Mercator-style maps in Photoshop
A link to a tutorial on how to create old styled maps during the early Renaissance.

The Bone Scroll
But It's on My Character's Inventory Sheet
Some alternative solutions to determining equipment and encumbrance.

Uncle Bear
Worldbuilding 101: Skill Tweaking
Fleshing out your world from a skills list.

Worlds in a Handful of Dice
Weighty Matters
Some house rules to make equipment and encumbrance rules more meaningful in D&D 4E.

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