May 16, 2009

Word of Wizards - 16/5/09

Although Insiders have been very excited about the Monk playtest that had a few surprises, things have been pretty dead on the freebie content from Wizards.

I guess Wizards have generally run out of things to show without spoiling the anticipation for the release of the Monster Manual 2 and World Wide Dungeons & Dragons Game Day.

Here's the rundown of a very quiet week at Wizards.

Wednesday (13/5/09)
iPhone Wallpaper
Steal This Hook! Ankhegs, Kenkus and Golems, Oh My!

Friday (15/5/09)
WWDDGD: UK/Reading

Hopefully things will get back on track next week. As Monster Manual 2 will be released on the 19th (Tuesday), we'll be starting to excerpts from Eberron Player's Guide beginning Monday. We'll also probably get a Vicious Venues and some tips on how to use your newly bought Monster Manual 2.

It also looks like a good week for Insiders. On Monday, they'll be looking at a new Domain of Dread and a Forgotten Realsm article on Friday. Best of all, there's a playtest for Monster Manual 3!

After all that, gamers around the world will probably be geared up for World Wide Dungeons & Dragons Game Day on the 23rd.

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