May 23, 2009

Word of Wizards - D&D Alumni: Demogorgon

D&D Alumni: Demogorgon

This month's historical spotlight shines on none other than the new poster child of the Monster Manual 2 that will tear your PCs apart in both ways.

The origins and inspiration for Demogorogon until today is uncertain but Wizards seems to have a few theories about how this demon came into existence. The D&D world was introduced to this bizarre demon together with the other demon prince, Orcus and they rivalry has started since then.

It was interesting to find out how Demogorgon evolved through the editions where he wasn't always a baboon-headed demon, the sort of creatures that used to worship or serve it and where did Dagon came into the picture.

But it all comes to the question of who will win in a slug fight between Demogorgon and Orucs. Although it isn't exactly scientific or mechanically proven but Wizards has an answer for you.

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