May 20, 2009

Word of Wizards - D&D Miniatures Gallery: Dangerous Delves

Dangerous Delves Miniature Gallery

The full gallery for the Dangerous Delves monster miniatures is now up on the Wizards' site. In case you missed any of their previews for these miniatures, you can look at all 40 of them there.

Wizards have also indicated the rarity of these miniatures which might be helpful although they are scattered all over the place. So I've taken the liberty of rearranging the miniature list according to rarity with a link to the picture of the miniature.

If you just want to see all of it in their fully glory, then head over to the link above.

  1. Blood Scarab
  2. Bloodseeker Drake
  3. Foulspawn Grue
  4. Goblin Sharpshooter
  5. Grimlock Minion
  6. Kruthik Young
  7. Orc Terrorblade
  8. Snake Swarm
  1. Arbalester
  2. Berbalang
  3. Feygrove Choker
  4. Gnoll Huntmaster
  5. Goblin Delver
  6. Kobold Wyrmpriest
  7. Rust Monster
  8. Yuan-ti Fangblade
  1. Aspect of Vecna
  2. Banshrae Warrior
  3. Beholder Eye Tyrant
  4. Bonechill Chimera
  5. Chain Devil
  6. Clay Golem
  7. Ghaele of Winter
  8. Githyanki Warrior
  9. Githzerai Zerth
  10. Harpy
  11. Hellstinger Scorpion
  12. Medusa Archer
  13. Minotaur Battle Shaman
  14. Orc Eye of Gruumsh
  15. Xen'Drik Drow Stingblade
  16. Young Gold Dragon
  1. Aboleth Slim Mage
  2. Bloodrager Troll
  3. Cyclops Crusher
  4. Frost Giant
  5. Hippogriff
  6. Skalmad the Troll King
  7. Unicorn
  8. War Devil

There we go.

This set is a pretty mixed bag for me. While there are some miniatures that I don't really need, there are quite a few must-haves for me too. I think there is quite a low representation of heroic level monsters than paragon ones, so I think you would have to rely on the older sets to get what you need for campaigns that are still in the lower levels.

Any comments on the Dangerous Delves?


Mike Leger said...

I like the list of visible, as i can see myself buying a pack just to get the one monster listed there, having everything else as a bonus.

Questing GM said...

Hey Mike,

Welcome to the blog and great to have you commenting here!

Agreed that the visible list is nice except for probably the Unicorn and Hippogriff. I'm more inclined towards the rares which are really great looking and useful on my table.

My ire is mostly reserved for most of the commons and uncommons though which is sad since I'm more likely to get those.

Loonook said...

While I'm not a huge fan of miniatures in general... these are actually some decent sculpts.

Wouldn't mind that Clay Golem though... ;).