May 30, 2009

Word of Wizards - Excerpts: Eberron Player's Guide Religion

Eberron Player's Guide Excerpts: Religion

In this excerpt, we take a look at religions in Eberron and to be honest, it's probably one part of the setting that I pay very little attention to, so it's hard for me to catch any minor differences. A couple of religions got realigned because of the new 4E alignment system. The Traveler from the Dark Six is now pretty much a freelancer deity that is Unaligned (if he hasn't always been).

The Blood of Vol has been noted as Unaligned which brings speculation to the changes of the tone of this religion but I think they are more inclined towards evil.

Many of the gods from the Sovereign Host (Aureon, Balinor, Dol Dorn, Kol Korran and Onatar) has also become Unaligned but I guess that's how they should fit into the new alignment system.

If you are new to the setting, this is definitely another excerpt worth reading into to get the feel of how religions work in Eberron.

Anything you want to say about the new realignment of the Eberron gods?

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