May 30, 2009

Word of Wizards - 30/5/09

This week is all about winding up for May. While the excerpt from Eberron Player's Guide on religion was not enlightening, the Self-Forged managed to deliver a rocket punch for many fans of the setting. We also had a podcast on the Monster Manual 2 which had some pretty good discussions and insights to the new design of monsters.

So here's the rundown for a decent week over at Wizards ending for the month of May.

Wednesday (27/5/09)
Dungeon 166 Art & Map Gallery
Eberron Player's Guide Excerpts: Self-Forged
June Editorial Calendar
D&D Podcast: Monster Manual 2 (May 2009)

Friday (29/5/09)
Dragon 375 Art Gallery
Eberron Player's Guide Excerpts: Religion

On the first week of June, we'll be seeing a big amount of excerpts from the Eberron Player's Guide and there's that big update that will be coming for the Compendium and Character Builder.

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