May 18, 2009

Word of Wizards - Excerpts: Introduction

Eberron Player's Guide Excerpts: Introduction

Excerpts from the Eberron Player's Guide have begun and they have started with ten important facts about the setting. Not much has changed if you are already familiar with the setting.

It looks like Wizards have maintained most of the trademark and the pulpy feel of the setting. Nothing old has seemed to be removed but nothing new has been added so far. It has been confirmed that the setting has not gone through a time leap unlike the Forgotten Realms so much of the information from the sourcebooks in the previous edition are still relevant.

If you are new to the setting, this is definitely the first thing that you should read, especially for DMs, to know the gist of the setting. I've always praised the potential of this setting and this introduction surmises what is likable about the setting very well. So give it chance if you are having second thoughts about the setting.

However while no harm is being done by revealing these facts to a player but I do felt that some of the information feels kind of misplaced and should have been in the Campaign Guide which is more for the DM.

Stay tune for more excerpts as Wizards have kindly placed an excerpts schedule which shows the items that they will be previewing until its release.

Any thoughts on this first preview of the Eberron Player's Guide?

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