May 18, 2009

Word of Wizards - Nightmare Creatures of The Restless Shore

Nightmare Creatures of The Restless Shore
The Restless Shore is set in the Forgotten Realms where a band of adventurers have to traverse across Spellplagued lands. To celebrate the release of this novel, Wizards have posted up the stats of 3 plaguechanged monsters that will be found in the novel.

The Bone Moth Swarm is a Level 7 Brute that is drawn towards natural and body heat where it lays their egg around the former and feeds on the flesh of the latter. The Bone-Gnawing Swarm (standard; at-will) deals 1d6+4 and 5 ongoing damage (save ends). When it is first bloodied, its Swarming Frenzy makes it deal 2d6+4 and ongoing 5 damage (save ends) to all targets within close burst 1 instead.

The Kaia are believed to be serpents that were transform by a foul god to be devourers born out of a nightmare. While the regular Kaia Spawn (Level 4 Soldier) is small in size and has a Stinging Tail Strike(standard; at-will) with a poison that can slow their targets, the huge Kaia Mother of Nightmares (Level 12 Solo Soldier) prefers to Swallow (standard against grabbed target; at-will) its prey from the ground.

An Oenath is similar that to a wolf except that their fur is interspersed with fish scales and skin. It has a Thundering Howl (standard; encounter) that not only deals thunder damage but also pushes and knocks their targets prone.

Most of the time, Oenaths hunt in packs lead by a large Oenath Pack Leader which is a Level 9 Brute (Leader). The rest of the Oenath Pack Mate (Level 6 Soldier) surrounds their prey where they can utilize their Pack Attack to deal extra damage.

An Oenath Prowler (Level 8 Skirmisher) moves ahead of the pack and circles around any potential prey to lure them back to the pack.

Although used in the Forgotten Realms, these monsters can generally be used as a freaky version of normal animals.

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