May 8, 2009

Word of Wizards - Monster Manual Art Gallery

Monster Manual Art Gallery

To promote Monster Manual 2 that is coming up real soon, Wizards have kindly (and some would say long overdue) released the full art gallery of all the monsters from Monster Manual 1. This is really great and useful to have to be printed as visual aids for players who can't really visualize through the worded description. As handouts, this also means that you can show your players the monsters without having them peek at their stats when you are doing it with the Monster Manual.

While Insiders can get this in one nice package, that shouldn't discourage you from saving your own collection of these 192 illustrations. The illustration for spiders have been mistakenly repeated for snakes but let's hope that Wizards will fix that error quickly.

It would be great if Wizards did the same for Monster Manual 2 when it is released.

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