May 8, 2009

Word of Wizards - Excerpts: Beholder Ultimate Tyrant

Monster Manual 2 Excerpts: Beholder Ultimate Tyrant

Even among beholders, who are one of the most feared creatures from the D&D universe, they fear those that come from the Far Realm and bow to these supreme beings that will terrify even the greatest of heroes. In this excerpt, we get to look into the eyes of the greatest tyrant that rules among the beholders; the Ultimate Tyrant.

The Beholder Ultimate Tyrant is a Level 29 Solo Artillery that shares many similar attacks with the Beholder Eye Tyrant from Monster Manual 1 but there are also stark differences. First, it has a Bite (standard; at-will) that deals 3d8+10 damage.

It has a Central Eye (minor, 1/round; at-will) that dazes and slows a target within range 30. If the attack missed, the target is still slowed. If the target fails the first saving throw, it is stunned (save ends).

Thirdly, the Eyes of the Beholder (free; at-will) will shoot an eye ray against any enemy that starts its turn within 5 squares of the beholder.

Like the Eye Tyrant, the Ultimate Tyrant can fire 2 Eye Ray (standard; at-will) on its turn that does not provoke an opportunity attack and has 10 eye ray attacks to choose from. They have the same range (10) and each eye ray attack must be used on a different target but here's where it gets nasty. Each eye ray attack creates an area burst 1 that is centered on their respective targets, potentially being able to be used to create overlaps.

The Madness Ray (Mind, Psychic) attacks Will and deals 2d8+7 psychic damage. If a target is hit, he must make a basic attack against its nearest ally as a free action.

Unraveling Ray attack Fortitude and deals 2d6+7 and 10 ongoing damage (save ends). If the target fails a saving throw, he takes a cumulative 1d10 damage until he fails his third saving throw where the ongoing damage ends.

Withering Ray (Necrotic) attacks Fortitude which deals 2d8+7 and 10 ongoing necrotic damage (save ends). If the target fails its first saving throw, it becomes weakened (save ends).

Burning Ray
(Fire) attacks Reflex and deals 2d6+7 fire damage. The target also takes 10 ongoing fire damage and a -2 penalty to attack rolls (save ends both).

Telekenesis Ray slides the targets 8 squares and knocks them prone if it beats their Fortitude.

Frost Ray (Cold) attacks Reflex and deals 2d8+7 damage. The targets also take a -2 penalty in their saving throws until the end of the beholder's next turn.

Petrifying Ray targets Fortitude. If a target is hit, it is slowed (save ends). On failing the first saving throw, it becomes immobilized (save ends). If it fails the second saving throw, it becomes petrified.

When a target is being hit by a Disintegrating Ray after going through its Fortitude, it takes 2d10+7 and 15 ongoing damage (save ends). For the aftereffect, the target will continue to take 10 ongoing damage (save ends).

The Ray of Attraction gives a -5 penalty to all defenses of the target and is pulled 2 squares at the start of its turn (save ends both). Even if the target saves, they still take a -2 penalty to defenses.

Contrastingly, Ray of Repulsion only gives a -2 penalty to the Reflex of a target and the target is pushed 6 squares and the start of its turn (save ends both). The aftereffect still pushes the target 3 squares at the start of its turn (save ends).

Instead of Eye Ray Frenzy, the Ultimate Tyrant unleashes Spasmodic Rays when it is bloodied and dropped to 0 hitpoints that fires a random eye ray attack (use a d10) to every enemy within range.

Last;y, the Ultimate Tyrant has an Antimagic Field that prevents it from taking any damage from zone effects. It is also immune to petrification which means there won't be an easy kill for this one.

This is really a badass monster although I might feel the damage a little lacking. Although the trademark antimagic field of the beholder is back but it isn't as great as it used to be. This will be one BBEG I'll be planning to use if I ever run a Far Realm campaign.

What do you think of the Ultimate Tyrant?


Wyatt said...

I think unless you use cheese and OP combos, this is practically the poster-child for 4e grindy battles. At-Will daze and slow that COULD stun, as a minor action, plus flight, plus 1000+ hp, plus everything else that thing has...I pity whoever ends up fighting that thing. They'll be there for hours.

Questing GM said...

Hey Wyatt,

Agreed on the potential grind. An encounter with this guy is probably best left to be a session of its own. I don't know how epic combat looks like at the moment but I think that rolling saving throws almost at every turn is going to be quite irritating and frustrating. Looking at the numbers when compared to an equal level monster (I'm comparing it with the Runescribed Dracolich in MM1), hp is slightly lower which seems to be a trend in MM2, so I guess it actually reduces grind.

But beating this guy will definitely give a great boost to player morale (and ego). Besides, I'm planning to use this as a BBEG so it would be quite a climatic (if grindy) ending to the campaign. Who wouldn't feel good for beating the ULTIMATE tyrant? ;)