June 14, 2009

Questing's Readings - 14/6/09

Another great week and great posts coming from the RPG Bloggers Network. There has been so much of discussions going on between bloggers that I had to separately compile them into their own special edition of this Questing's Readings.

Meanwhile for this weekly feature, I have kept the ones that mainly give some great advices on improving your game. Couple of the themes being discussed this week is about sandbox play and a couple of post on game systems.

So I hope you would enjoy these posts as much as I did.

Advanced Gaming & Theory
REPOST: Making the most of Modules
Some really great advice on how to use published modules more effectively for your group and how it can teach you a thing or two about DMing.

REPOST: Making Alignments Functional
A very good look at using alignments as a tool for building character and how to manage it reasonably as a DM.

Campaign Mastery
'There's A Hole In Your Mind...': Solving Mental Block

A simple solution for the times when you are just missing that single piece of the puzzle for your plot.
Profile of a blind roleplayer, Eric Troup
A very interesting interview with a blind gamer and how he plays the game.

Fantasy Book Critic
Editorial: Sharing a World, Part I
An interesting look at the writers for the FR novel line and what do they think about writing stories for it.

Writing your own Meta Plot
Determining the level/scope of your meta plot and using which approach to expand on them.

Look Ma, no Magic!
An interesting debate on whether magic should be defined.

Life and Times of a Philippine Gamer
Care and Feeding Mid-Tier Characters
5 ways to reward and threaten mid-leveled characters

On-Demand, Custom Role-Playing Games: The Future of RPGs
An interesting model of developing RPGs. I think this has some potential to be adopted.

Musings of the Chatty DM
Friday Chat: Nerd Projectitis
Do you suffer Nerd Projectitis? Find out what developers and designers have to say about it.

RetroRoleplaying: The Blog
Advice on Sandbox Play
3 simple but good advice on how to start up a sandbox and keep it running.

Sly Flourish
Build Worlds, Not Stories
Some very good advice on building an organic story.

The Bone Scroll
The Art of the Lazy GM
4 ways to prepare for a session with minimum work.

The Spirits of Eden
Complete Player Characters as Enemies
Some interesting thoughts of using PC rules to create NPCs. Worth giving it a shot.

Thieves' Cant
Buffing 4e, Part 1
Buffing 4e, Part 2

Some nice rituals to bring back the ability buff spells from 3.x to 4E.

Uncle Bear
Shemp Aids: Archetype Cards
A very useful tool for creating NPCs on the fly. I wonder where can I get one.

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