June 14, 2009

Questing's Readings - One Year Later Edition

It's hard to believe that Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition has been out for a year now. This blog started shortly after 4E's release and it simply amazes me that in between that time, I haven't been able to get my first taste of this new edition at all.

Nevertheless, 4E has been through quite a bit for the past year. Although it would seem that there will always be endless wails and cries about what this edition has done to D&D (which still rages on until today), designers and gamers are starting to show signs of getting used to the new rules and mechanics. This is no more evident than what Chris Perkins and James Wyatt have discussed with some renown 4E and gaming bloggers (from the RPG Bloggers Network) over at The Tome Show's 'One Year Later' episode.

Being mostly an observer for the past year, the only thing noticeable that I have seen how the first year of 4E is different than previous editions is the number of books it has done in the same period. The release schedule of 4E was so packed that it kept gamers buzzing with things to talk about almost every month.

So I did a little research to compare the numbers of books that were released between 4E and 3.5 one year after their respective launch and here are my findings;

3.5 (released on July 2003)
Core Rulebooks: 3
Supplements: 8
Campaign Setting (and related supplements): 5
Adventures: 1
Total (as of July 2004): 17

4E (released on June 2008)
Core Rulebooks: 5
Supplements: 7
Campaign Setting (and related supplements): 4
Adventures: 7
Total (as of June 2009): 23

YMMV whether that's a good thing or a bad thing but you can expect that 4E is going to be more putting out more books/products than any other edition.

In this special edition, I list the bloggers who were in the aforementioned podcast discussion and other bloggers who had also reflected on 4E's first anniversary.

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