June 14, 2009

Questing's Readings - Eberron Player's Guide Edition

The Eberron Player's Guide isn't going to be out until Tuesday (16/6/09) but some lucky people have been able to get their hands on it early before the release date.

Despite the tonnes of previews being thrown at us, you just can't beat someone who has the actual book. Fortunately enough, these people were kind enough to take in and answer plenty of questions that most fans would undoubtedly have about their favorite setting and reveal some other hidden tidbits that were never mentioned in the previews (kudos to Geek's Dream Girl and Dungeon's Master).

So in this special edition, this is the list of bloggers and forumers who were nice enough to share the details of what you would find in the Eberron Player's Guide if you can't wait for them to hit stores.

Dungeon's Master
Review: Eberron Player's Guide
Review: Eberron Player's Guide (Part 2)

I have the Eberron Player's Guide and Kingdom of Ghouls

Geek's Dream Girl
Eberron Player's Guide: What Do You Wanna Know?
Eberron Player's Guide: Your Questions Answered!

Points of Light
"Prerelease": Eberron Player's Guide

[4e] Eberron spoilers!


Ameron said...

Thanks for the shout-out. In addition to the review of the Eberron Player's Book, we're going to post two Eberron-specific Skill Challenges on Dungeon's Master Tuesday when the book is in wide release.

Questing GM said...

Hey Ameron,

Sweet! Looking forward to some inquisitive skill challenges.