June 28, 2009

Questing's Readings - Origins 2009 Edition

Origins 2009 was on 24-28 June this year and several bloggers are attending it to bring back some coverage on the convention including the main highlight event, the Origins Awards.

So in this special edition, here are the blog posts on Origins so far if you are not attending it and what to know what's happening there.

Critical Hits
Origins 2009: Monte Cook “Being A Better Game Master”
Origins Awards 2009

Geek's Dream Girl
E’s Con Travels: Origins 2009 – Part One

Living Dice
Advice for Gamers Attending Origins Game Fair 2009

Mediocre Tales
Off to Origins

What is Origins 2009?
Origins 2009: Day 1
Origins 2009: Day 2
Origins 2009: Day 3

Purple Pawn
Origins Day Two

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