June 29, 2009

Word of Wizards - Excerpts: Miracle Worker

Divine Power Excerpts: Miracle Worker

The Miracle Worker is a master healer that not only is able to mend the wounds of his comrades more effectively than most clerics but can also pay deadly retribution to those that dare to harm them. It has a simple requirement of being a cleric and must be trained in the Heal skill.

Once the start their career as a Miracle Worker, their Healing Word is upgraded to Word of Life (11th Path Feature) which heals additional d8s rather d6s worth of hitpoints whenever he uses it.

As a Healing Action, every ally that is adjacent to the Miracle Worker whenever he spends an action point regains 1d6+Wis mod hitpoints. This increases to 2d6+Wis mod at Level 21.

Powerful Miracle Workers emits a strong Aura of Health that gives 3d6 additional hitpoints whenever an ally spends their second wind action 5 squares within the Miracle Worker.

In combat, the Miracle Worker can cause a Reversal of Fortunes (Level 11; Encounter) for his enemies. When an enemy within 5 squares hits an ally adjacent to it, you deal it 2d10+Wis mod damage and that ally can spend a healing surge and regain additional 2d10 hitpoints.

Their Miraculous Grace (Level 12; Daily) can be a lifesaver. When an ally within 5 squares is dropped to 0 hitpoints or less, they can immediately spend a healing surge and regain an additional 2d6 hitpoints. They also make a saving throw against each effect that can be ended with a save.

When an enemy deals great harm to a Miracle Worker's ally, they make sure that they Reap What You Sow (Level 20; Daily). On a hit, the Miracle Worker transfer all effects that can be saved from allies within a burst 5 to a enemy within the burst. On a miss, the Miracle Worker still transfers one effect that can be saved to that enemy.

This is a very powerful paragon path but in my opinion it is mainly because of its powers rather than the healing dice that they throw. However, one barrier I can see to playing this paragon path is that it brings back the age old question of who wants to be the party medic.

Any thoughts on the Miracle Worker?

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