June 12, 2009

SPORE-Con 2009

Spore-Con or SPORE is the first analog games convention in Singapore that showcases a whole range of tabletop wargames, boardgames, CCGs and of course, RPGs.

The convention started in 2008 and is organized by Paradigm Infitinum, a local gaming store in Singapore. It aims to bring back gamers to the gaming roots when things were done with dice and not desktops. Last year, it was a huge success when it managed to attract over 600 visitors including those from Malaysia, Thailand and Australia.

Now for the second year running, the convention is being held on 13 and 14 June at the Chua Chu Kang Community Centre. Entrance is free which makes it a good opportunity for visitors to come and demo the games to foster the growth of the gaming community. This year, SPORE hopes to bring in a larger crowd of 800 to 1000 despite the recession which has hit its foreign visitors.

Key highlight events that will be happening in the convention will be the Settlers of Catan Nationals Tournament, Warhammer Fantasy and 40K tournaments and the World of Warcraft Pre-Release Event.

They will also be celebrating Worldwide D&D Games Day with 6 tables that is expect to accommodate 90 players.

Eric Lang, developer of the Call of Cthulu and Game of Thrones CCGs will be appearing as the guest of honor at the event this year.

So if you happen to be in the country, drop by and feel the full force of the Singapore gaming community and get infected by its spores!

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