June 12, 2009

Word of Wizards - D&D Podcast: Eberron (June 2009)

D&D Podcast: Eberron (June 2009)

In this episode, Mike Mearls talks with James Wyatt about the new changes in Eberron for 4th edition and how the designers fit in the new concepts (Points of Light, the cosmology, new races) to the setting. There's also a few minor hints and spoilers of the Eberron Campaign Guide too.

So here's some of the highlights that I managed to catch.
  • The main focus of this edition would be centered on the Draconic Prophecy and the Last War.

  • Keith Baker felt that the Last War was not emphasized enough in the previous edition.

  • There will be a full sized poster map from the Player's Guide in the Campaign Guide. The map is also be double sided with the flip side having two battle scaled maps. One for the adventure in the Campaign Guide and another is a generic street map in Sharn.

  • The adventure in the Campaign Guide starts with a flashback of the characters right after the Last War and then jumps back 2 years later in Sharn.

It's worth a listen if you are new to the setting and are trying to orientate yourself with the flavor of the setting from a 4E perspective. There's quite a few ideas on how to run the setting which are generally helpful if you are a DM.

Share your thoughts on this episode or discuss about the new directions of the setting.

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