June 6, 2009

Word of Wizards - D&D Delve Night Announcement

D&D Delve Night Announcement

Chris Tulach, D&D Organized Play Content Developer, has just announced that the June Event for the D&D Delve Night program will be the last. This is most likely to make way for the new format of the program that is said to launch in July 2009.

The Delve Night program is a monthly adventure offered by the Wizards Play Network that is spread out into 4 encounters meant to be run on a weekly basis in a single hour session. Each encounter comes with a cardstock sheet with the details of the encounter and players only have to create a character of an appropriate level for that encounter.

The new format of the Delve Night program is believed to have prize support, full colored half page pregen character sheets and status cards. A sneak peek of these material can be found here and other possible changes mentioned by Chris himself can be found here.

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