June 6, 2009

Word of Wizards - 6/6/09

June starts out well with this week. Not only do we have a usual stream of excerpts and previews, the Character Builder and Compendium has been updated on the new schedule.

A couple of changes also happened this week, namely the announcement of the final Delve Night event and a new Partnerships page that list the companies publishing under the GSL.

Things are looking to a good start and you can follow it with the rundown below.

Monday (1/6/09)
Eberron Player's Guide Excerpts: Warforged Juggernaut
June Character Builder and Compendium News

Wednesday (3/6/09)
Success Along the Adventure Path 6: The Temple Between

D&D Delve Night Announcement

Friday (5/6/09)
Eberron Player's Guide Excerpts: Rituals
Preview for June and Beyond
GSL Publishing Partnerships

Next week, Insiders will be looking forward to the Ecology of the Rust Monster which might give some answers on how does a creature that solely relies on munching adventurer's equipment can sustain itself on the days when no one enters the dungeon.

4E Realms DMs might be interested in the Realmslore article which depicts the Fey kingdom of Sarifal that has entered the Realms since the Spellplague.

For freebies, look forward to the monthly Steal This Hook column and the last couple excerpts from Eberron Player's Guide.

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