June 18, 2009

Word of Wizards - Divine Heroes 2

Divine Heroes 2

The second set of hero miniatures will be coming in July and we'll be starting to see some previews of them till then. First up for this set, we'll start with Divine Heroes 2 which contains a Warforged Cleric, a male Human Paladin and a female Human Avenger.

Warforged Cleric
To support the Eberron campaign setting, this series will have 2 warforged miniatures.



Are you kidding me? I can't help it but stop myself and ask why is there only 2 Warforged in this set? You better make that just one because this miniature is just plain. This miniature is way out of style even when compared to the miniature that it is suppose to be based on. This miniature is so meh that it doesn't even have to be a cleric. It can a rogue, a fighter or anything by the stretch of the imagination. It isn't hard when you only have one hammer in hand to work with.

If there's really a visual clue that shows which deity it serves then it might as well be right up its mechanical bum because it's going to be covered by that yellow ugly shirt.

Sorry Warforged Cleric but I foresee you being relegated to the Warforged labourer/peasant box when I pay my money to buy your other compatriots. At least my Invigorating Assault earns me an at-will attack that grants temporary hitpoints to adjacent allies.

Human Paladin
As we all know that paladins in 4E are no longer bound by the lawful god alignment and it is possible to play as a neutral or even evil paladin from the start.

This miniature is so covered up by armor that race and gender can be disregarded easily. I'm not sure if I want to let my players have this one because it really does look good to be a villain. The shield emblem of a black dragon just emphasizes my point.

This paladin fights with a Flare of Divine Vengeance (Level 6; Daily). When the paladin is hit by the target marked by his Divine Challenge, the paladin gains a healing surge and a bonus to attack that target until the end of his next turn.

Human Avenger
As avengers are mostly lightly armored, this miniature can easily be substituted as any of the other light armored martial classes. This slender miniature can also be used to represent an elf or eladrin.

The pose is a little awkward though. Her Focused Fury (level 1; at-will) is so strong that if she strikes her Oath of Enmity target, she can push another enemy adjacent to her by 2 squares.

I really wished they do something about the Warforged Cleric because it would be a real shame to not buy this box for the paladin. But then again, I don't like the idea of buying a box that has only 2 miniatures that I want.

Any thoughts on this preview?

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