June 17, 2009

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Preview #6

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Preview #6

This week's preview looks at Seelah, 13th level paladin.
Female human paladin 13
LG Medium humanoid
Init –1; Perception +1
Aura courage (10 ft., +4 fear saves), good, justice (10 ft.), resolve (10 ft., +4 charm saves)
AC 26, touch 11, flat-footed 26 (+10 armor, +2 deflection, –1 Dex, +5 shield)
hp 115 (13d10+39)
Fort +14, Ref +7, Will +13
Immune charm spells and effects, disease, fear; Resist cold 10
Speed 20 ft.
Melee +3 defending longsword +21/+16/+11 (1d8+7/19–20)
Ranged +1 composite longbow +13/+8/+3 (1d8+5/x3)
Special Attacks channel positive energy (7d6, DC 20), divine bond (weapon, 3/day, 13 min., +3 bonus), lay on hands (10/day, 6d6), mercy (diseased, nauseated, sickened, paralyzed), smite evil (5/day, +4 to hit, +13 damage)
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 13th):
At Will—detect evil
Paladin Spells Prepared (CL 10th):
4th—holy sword
3rd—dispel magic, prayer
2nd—resist energy, shield other, zone of truth (DC 16)
1st—bless weapon, divine favor, lesser restoration, protection from evil
Str 19, Dex 8, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 18
Base Atk +13; CMB +17 (+21 to sunder); CMD 28
Feats Critical Focus, Extra Lay on Hands, Greater Sunder, Improved Sunder, Power Attack, Shield Focus, Staggering Critical, Weapon Focus (longsword)
Skills Diplomacy +16, Heal +14, Knowledge (religion) +13, Sense Motive +14
SQ divine grace, divine health
Combat Gear staff of healing, winged boots; Other Gear +3 defending longsword, +1 composite longbow (+4 Str), mithral full plate of speed, +3 heavy steel shield, belt of giant strength +2, headband of alluring charisma +2, ring of minor cold resistance, ring of protection +2

According to Jason Bulhman, the paladin has been through the most changes since the playtest among the the other base classes which he highlighted below.
  • Aura of Justice allows a paladin to give an ally within 10 feet the Smite Evil ability by spending 2 uses. The ally must use the ability right away but it last for 1 minute.

  • Aure of Resolve makes the paladin immune and grants other allies within 10 feet a +4 bonus to saving throws against Charm effect spells.

  • Paladins now have a higher Will save progression

  • The paladin may use Lay on Hands number of times equal to half her paladin level + Cha mod

  • Lay on Hands now heals 1d6 damage per 2 paladin levels. It can used on others as a standard action and on the paladin as a swift action.

  • Paladins can also spend 2 uses of Lay on Hands to Channel Energy as a cleric equal to their paladin level

  • Paladin also have Mercies starting from level 3 that lets them remove conditions automatically, except for curses, diseases and poisons which still requires a caster level check, in addition to damage with their Lay on Hands.

  • Divine Bond gives the paladin two choices. If the paladin chooses a horse, it acts as a companion as though the paladin is a druid of equal level.

  • If the paladin uses her Divine Bond with her weapon, it allows her to grant it a +3 bonus, 3 times per day lasting as long as the paladin's level in minutes. This bonus can be used to gain special qualities that is equal to its value of enchantment and the paladin can distribute the bonuses for different qualities. For example, a paladin may decide to add +1 and the Holy property to her weapon or 3 properties with each property equal to a +1 bonus. The paladin can add more options as their level progresses

  • Smite Evil lasts until your target is slain (I'm not sure what does that means) and deals extra damage equal to the paladin's level. This damage is doubled when used on evil outsiders, dragons and undead. It also ignores damage reduction.

  • Smite Evil also grants the paladin a deflection AC bonus equal to her Cha mod against attacks made by the target

  • The Paladin's Detect Evil can be focused on a single target and determines whether they are evil in 1 round.

  • The Paladin spell progression is faster (similar to the ranger). The caster level of the paladin is her level-3, based off Cha.

  • Protection from Evil does not grant immunity against a current mental control but a +2 bonus to saving throw if the controller is evil. However, it does grant immunity against new mental controls while the spell is in effect.

  • The Crtical Focus feat grants +4 to confirmation roll on a threat.

  • Crtical Stagger makes a foe staggered (can only take a move or standard action) for 1d4+1 rounds, unless they make a Fort save which reduces it to 1 round.

  • You cannot apply more than one Critical feat to a critical unless you have the Critical Mastery feat (which belongs to Fighters).

  • Each combat maneuver has a chain of two feats, each granting a +2 bonus when performing that particular combat maneuver. The second feat usually grants an additional effect. For example, Improved Sunder and Greater Sunder both provides a +2 bonus (a total of +4) when performing a sunder. In addition, Greater Sunder deals any excess damage to the holder of the object being sundered.

I like what they have done to the paladin, especially the auras, lay on hands, divine bond and Smite Evil. Mercies really make the paladin more like a secondary healer in the party without taxing too much on the cleric's resources. Although the paladin is overall improved, I don't think it is overpowered.

What do you think of the new paladin?

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