June 5, 2009

Word of Wizards - Excerpts: Eberron Player's Guide Rituals

Eberron Player's Guide Excertps: Rituals

Today's excerpts gives us the complete list of rituals to be found in the book and gives us a deeper look at two of them. There are altogether 16 rituals ranging from level 1-20 and some of them are probably tied to a specific dragonmark which can only be cast by them.

The two that we are given a look at is Fluid Funds and Fantastic Recuperation.

Fluid Funds is a Level 2 ritual that requires no component but requires a coffer worth 100gp to act as a focus. The casting time is one minute and can only be performed by someone with the Mark of Warding.

What the ritual generally does is that it is able to convert coins, gems and art objects into the equivalent value of coins of a denomination desired. This can be used both ways which means that you can convert gold to silver and vice versa. A sort of instant coin converter which is handy if won't be near a shopkeeper any time soon after your latest forays. However, this ritual cannot be used on mundane and magical equipment.

Fantastic Recuperation is a Level 16 ritual that has a component cost of 3,600 gp and it scales when used on higher level characters at the epic tier which makes it pretty expensive (up to 45,000 gp for 26th level characters). The casting time is 1 hour and requires no check although the key skill is listed as Heal.

This ritual can only be used when the characters are taking an extended rest but what it does is that instead of taking up the normal duration of gaining the benefits of an extended rest, the ritual allows you to get the same benefits after the ritual is completed. An (not so) instant rest that saves you the time of taking an extended rest for the price of the ritual.

In this excerpt, they also showcased a dragonmark, the Mark of Warding carried by dwarves in Eberron. Although it is not confirmed here that to get the mark requires a feat and other pre-requisites but it mentions the benefits of having the mark.

A Mark of Warding increases the defense bonus granted by a power and the penalty of a marked opponent by 1 (making the attack penalty -3 for not attacking you) seperately. A person with the Mark of Warding can also perform the Fluid Funds (as mentioned above), Knock and Leomund's Secret Chest rituals as though he has the Ritual Caster feat and have mastered them.

While I'm usually not impressed with new rituals from a player's perspective but I do appreciate the fluff aspect of these rituals when being used on a daily basis. I can see how Fluid Funds is being used by the dwarven bankers which gives a unique flavor to the setting.

Anything you want to say about these rituals?

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