June 5, 2009

Word of Wizards - Previews for June and Beyond

Previews for June and Beyond

Time for some extra preview on what's coming in June and be prepared for what's coming for the couple of months after that.

For the extra preview of Eberron Player's Guide, they have introduced what appears to be character backgrounds from House Cannith which would most likely be done for each of the other houses. There are 3 different backgrounds for House Cannith, you could either be an inventor, a tinkerer or a Cannith Warforged that has kept by the house for some reason.

Each background gives an associated skill but there is no mention of what mechanical benefits are there. If following from the Player's Handbook 2, they probably just allow you to get a +2 bonus to the associated skill or add it to your class skill list.

They also gave us a sample warforged components, the Final Messenger, that allows a warforged to deliver a visual and verbal message to an intended recipient in an intended destination when activated or when the warforged is taken down. However, enemies can capture the Final Messenger and extract information from it with successful Arcana checks.

They are still pretty tight-lipped about E2: Kingdom of Ghouls but they have given some mind blowing illustrations of the places that the PCs will visit throughout the course of the adventure. I don't believe that none of these will not make you dream of adventures worthy of epic proportions.

Other releases that will be out in June are DU4 Arcane Tower Dungeon Tiles which will introduce round tiles and the Star Wars: Jedi Academy miniature set.

Not much is also revealed for the products coming out in July which are the Eberron Campaign Guide, Divine Power and Seekers of the Ashen Crown.

For Eberron Campaign Guide, they talked a bit about dragonmarks and gave a list of the dragonmarked houses if you need that to refresh your memory.

For Divine Power, they only gave a brief glimpse at how domains might work. Each deity has their own domains and they suggested that the portfolios of each deity under the Player's Handbook and the Dungeon Master's Guide will give you an idea of what domains are available. Each domain will have its own divinity and a domain feat.

For the Eberron adventure, they just revealed a couple of new monsters (Deathgaunt and Dreadclaw) with their associated lore and the Ashen Crown artifact itself but no mechanical stats.

In August, we will have the Adventurer's Vault 2 and a supermodule that has now emerged on the horizon, Revenge of the Giants, the 4E descendant of the G-series .

Not much is being said about these products as well except that Adventurer's Vault 2 will feature superior implements, story ideas for magical items and items sets which sounds like a new mechanical concept.

Overall it's quite an unsatisfying preview but there is surely something to look forward to for the next couple of months. Any thoughts to share on this preview?

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