June 24, 2009

Word of Wizards - Excerpts: Malediction Invoker

Divine Power Excerpts: Malediction Invoker

The Malediction Invoker evokes the very words of creation of the gods to fight against their enemies. However, such words are not meant to be uttered by mere mortals and they cause physical damage to themselves, if they don't lose their sanity.

Malediction Invokers makes a Covenant of Malediction which requires them to have a high wisdom to be able to intone their words of power coherently. A high constitution also helps them to sustain the physical suffering and torment that they take as a result. Although the excepts doesn't show the Channel Divinity power of the Malediction Covenant, the Covenant Manifestation pushes an enemy 1 square away after resolving the effects of a divine encounter and daily attack power.

There are also 3 daily powers shown in the excerpt.

Execration (Level 1, Daily) is a close burst 5 attack that can affect up to 2 targets. You split 2d8 damage between the targets and they take 10 ongoing damage (save ends). On a miss, the targets take half damage and 5 ongoing damage (save ends). As a result, the invoker takes 5 ongoing damage (save ends).

Malediction of Rigidity
(Level 9, Daily) deals 1d8+Wis damage (half on a miss), 10 ongoing damage (5 on a miss) and immobilizes (slowed on a miss) to all enemeis within a close blast 5 with save ends both. For this, the invoker is immobilized until the end of their next turn.

Despised of the Gods
(Level 25, Daily) gives an enemy 20 vulnerability (10 on a miss) against all damage types and removes all their resistance (save ends both). A Malediction invoker may choose to gain vulnerability 20 against all damage type and gives the target a penalty to save equal to her Con mod, both until the end of the invoker's next turn.

I'm quite mixed about this build. While it might sound a little crazy having dealing harm to yourself at first glance, I'm suspecting that they are deadly min/max potentials for this build. This is something we've seen quite similar with the Bravura Warlord build from Martial Power, so there might be some loopholes there.

For balance purposes, I'm quite glad that they have added in a Miss damage for the powers we've seen so far because it would really suck to have your power miss and you would still have to suffer the consequences. But these are dailies, so we'll have to see how strong their encounter powers are.

Flavorwise is pretty neat if not for the sadistic masochist in some gamers.

What do you think of this build?

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