June 21, 2009

Questing's Readings - 21/6/09

This week, RPG Bloggers have seem to be pretty quite. This is probably due to the fact that it's summer and its time when the big convention are starting to come to town which has taken plenty of gamers' time to blog (Free RPG Day was yesterday by the way).

While there isn't much action going on in the bloggersphere, there is a recently rising discussion from the forums. It all started with this troubling post from Necromancer Games which were subsequently followed by commentaries (see the first comment at the bottom of the post) from other industry players who had their own say about 4E and how well it is actually doing after one year.

I'm keeping my eyes on this as this might be the next big storm coming into the minds of RPG Bloggers and we'll see how this discussion progresses. Some bloggers have already started picking it up.

But I'll leave that for next week. So on with this week's recommended readings. Interestingly, this week we had a couple of posts discussing about XP and leveling up in 3.x.

Advanced Gaming & Theory
REPOST: Making Monsters Monstrous
REPOST: Random Event Generator
REPOST: Rewards vs. Gifts
REPOST: Taverns: Gaming Most Tired Cliche

This is really one of my favorite blogs because it is very indepth and detailed on how to make most use out of the simple and everyday elements in roleplaying. Although they can be lengthy at times but they are usually a very good source of inspiration and ideas.

Campaign Mastery
A Different Experience: A variation on the D&D 3.x Experience Points System
An alternative method of calculating XP that takes monster EL, different PC levels and treasure (both magical and gold) into consideration.

Dungeon's Master
Skill Challenge: The Dungeon Crawl
An interesting skill challenge that replaces the need to have a dungeon map.

Writing your own Meta Plot - 2
How to insert a meta plot through theme, history, norms and culture and laws of the world.

Advice for the Aspiring Role-Playing Blogger
Some good advice to not only would-be bloggers but also to current RPG bloggers as well.

Neitherworld Stories
D&D 3.5: All About The Future?
Some alternative ways to help you reach that sweet spot in 3.x levels.

Siskoid's Blog of Geekery
Keeping Secrets: Secret Societies in RPGs
A simple introduction to what secret societies can do for your characters and how to use them in your campaign.

Sly Flourish
Three Tips for the Pyramid of Shadows
3 ideas to improve the module.

Stargazer's World
Treasure: Part 1
Treasure: Part 2
Treasure: Part 3
Treasure: Part 4

A series that talks about a free fantasy RPG that is different from others called Treasure

Using Savage Worlds for an Eberron Campaign
Some suggestions on how Savage Worlds be suited for Eberron.

The RPG Corner
Play with Me, She Breathed
A touching tale of how Ed Greenwood got into roleplaying.

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