June 26, 2009

Word of Wizards - Excerpts: The Mournland & Monsters

Eberron Campaign Guide Excerpts: The Mournland & Monsters

This excerpt sheds some light on the Mournland or what was previously Cyre. Although short, the lore reveals some interesting events that can be garnered from Arcana and Streetwise checks on the Day of Mourning that can lead to some interesting conspiracy theories.

The second part of the excerpt talks about the foulspawns in Eberron and their twisted daelkyr masters from Xoriat, the Plane of Madness which is the Far Realm equivalent of the 4E cosmology (nice touch of keeping the Eberron name). It introduces three new foulspawns; the Dolgaunt, Dolgrim and Dolgarr. There are only short description for all three but they provided stats of a Dolgaunt Monk which is a Level 8 Controller.

Other than using its Fist (standard; at-will), it can also grab 2 targets when it hits with its Tentacles (standard; at-will). Once grabbed, the Dolgaunt Monk can perform an Inexorable Drag (minor; at-will) to slide a target by 2 squares and Vitality Leech which drains a grabbed target on the start of their turn, dealing 10 necrotic damage to the grabbed victim and granting 10 temporary hitpoints to the Dolgaunt Monk.

Lastly there's a profile of one of the daelkyr; Belashyrra, the Lord of Eyes who makes an interesting villain with an artistic bend and a massive dose of voyeurism.

I'm quite impressed by the amount of juicy information found in this excerpt after the past few which have not been particularly interesting. Belashyrra looks new so at least there's somethings to look forward to in the Campaign Setting other than a 4E reiteration of the setting flavor and mechanics.

Any thoughts on this excerpt?

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