June 29, 2009

Word of Wizards - Excerpts: Thrane & Dragonmarks

Eberron Campaign Guide Excerpts: Thrane & Dragonmarks

This excerpt gives a very detailed and interesting history of Thrane and the Dragonmarks.

Under the Thrane section, the lore, which can be revealed through History checks, explains how the Silver Church was formed and came into power as the ruling class that turned the nation into a theocracy. There is an interesting political situation in the nation that can be the basis of an entire campaign which has been one of my main attractions towards this setting even though I was surprised to see this in Thrane.

Under the dragonmarks, it explains the origins of the dragonmarks and the dragonmarked houses. The history also briefly tells about the Twelve and the Koth Edict which also forms the political scenario of the dragonmarked houses.

For the dragonmarked houses, the excerpt focuses on House Cannith which details about the Guild of Fabricators and Guild of Tinkers and the stats of a Cannith Magewright which is a Level 6 Artillery that throws Alechemical Explosion (standard; recharge 5,6) and escapes with Lightning Withdrawal (immediate reaction, when an enemy enters an adjacent square; encounter)

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