June 24, 2009

Word of Wizards - Primal Heroes 2

Primal Heroes 2
The second set of Primal Heroes comes with a Male Halfling Barbarian, Female Human Barbarian and a Male Human Druid. Again, this is the second time they have included 2 miniatures of the same class in the same box.

Human Barbarian
This miniature is supposedly based on the Frenzied Berserker back in the Aberrations set but the older version of this is far more better in my opinion. The paintjob on this one looks less detailed and the color is horrific too.

That's probably why she is in a Frenzied Beast Rage (Level 9; Daily) that allows her to take 5 more damage to deal more damage to an adjacent foe as a minor action until the rage ends.

Halfling Barbarian
A small but vicious Talenta barbarian with an Eberron flavored Clawfoot Berserker Rage (Level 5, Daily) that gives you a +2 bonus to attack until the end of your next turn and make a melee basic attack as an immediate reaction when an ally within 5 squares is bloodied.

While this miniature looks perfect from Talenta, it isn't particularly a fascinating miniature.

Human Druid
A pretty alright looking miniature for a druid and it is also generally recommended to be a substitute as a nature-based wizard or invoker. I would actually use this as a bard naturally. This druid can summon a Leaf Wall (Level 6; Daily?) that grants concealment.

Any thoughts on these miniatures?

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