June 12, 2009

Word of Wizards - Spotlight Interview : Revenant

Spotlight Interview: Revenant

The Revenants are a new DDI exclusive race that lets you play as a semi-undead that is not allowed to die by the Raven Queen...yet. This interview with Matthew Sernett, the designer of the Revenant, gives a very good glimpse at what is a Revenant and the original conception and flavor of the race.

It also talks about the story potential of playing as a one and some advice on how DMs can incorporate them into their campaign.

The Revenant isn't a very new concept since it first appeared in 1st edition. I particular remember it in the Forgotten Realms Monstrous Compendium in 3.x where it was actually a template.

From the sound of this interview, I would really love to see this race and it would be really cool to have it as an option in a campaign based on Keep of the Shadowfell or as an alternative solution to a TPK.

Any thoughts on the revenant?

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