June 12, 2009

Word of Wizards - Excerpts: Eberron Player's Guide Feats

Eberron Player's Guide Excerpts: Feats

Eberron Player's Guide should be released today and this is the last excerpt from the book; the complete list of heroic tier feats.

There are 52 feats altogether, most of them are Channel Divinity and Dragonmark feats. What's interesting is that Dragonmarks in 4E don't have a racial prerequisite anymore which means that any character can potentially manifest them even without belonging to the right dragonmarked race. There are also 3 abberant dragonmarks with gives an enemy a penalty to their Will, Saving Throws or Attack Rolls when they are hit by your daily powers.

Here's a few that I like so far from the vague description of the heroic feats.
  • Shapeshifting Contortionist (doppelganger) Escape as a minor action, no penalty for squeezing

  • Telepathic Sensitivity (kalashtar) +5 Perception when detecting creatures

  • Warforged Tactics (warforged) +1 bonus to attacks against targets adjacent to allies

There isn't a lot of powerful feats, other than the dragonmarks, but I really like the ones which are flavorful to the setting.

Any thoughts on the Eberron feats?


Ameron said...

I've got a sneak peak at what all the Dragonmark Feats do in my Eberron Player's Guide review. So if you can't wait until Tuesday, check them out now.

Questing GM said...

Hey Ameron,

Thanks I should check that out. I've been swamped by all the Eberron preview and spoilers from bloggers and forums.