June 10, 2009

Word of Wizards - Steal This Hook! Intrigue in the Summertime

Steal This Hook! Intrigue in the Summertime

Now that Eberron Player's Guide is on its way by this week, DMs might want to start preparing some adventures to run for players who are both new and seasoned to the setting.

Since the Eberron Campaign Guide won't be out for a month, this month's Steal This Hook! is a great start to get some ideas flowing while you wait and what better fashion to get involved in Eberron than some high intrigue politics. So here are 3 plot hooks accompanied by their story elements to get going.

Save the Duke
A large public notice is posted informing everyone that the Duke has been poisoned and the Watch are out looking for the culprits. They will reward anyone that can provide any information or help solve the case.

Why are the guards putting up such a public notice? Perhaps they are looking for an antidote to save the Duke or maybe it's a ploy to uncover who's behind all this. Could it be his devil possessed-brother? A rival? The captain of the investigators? Or even the Duke himself?

Impostor in the Court
The PCs stumbled upon a human beggar who tells them that the daughter of an official is a disguised succubus. Can he be trusted? Is she really a succubus? Or is there a greater evil that lurks behind the shadows?

Crime of Convenience
The PCs are witnessing an execution about to take place and the victim is pleading his innocence as he draws near the gallows, his wife in tears crying for his release. Is the man really innocent or is the wife guilty? This could a string of injustice being done upon the innocent to hide a deeper conspiracy or perhaps the whole execution is an act?

With plot hooks like these, it is possible to get endless results on what sort of adventure and trouble that the PCs can get into. I think the best way to use these hooks is not to have a predetermined answer and drop various clue and leads to your PCs. Changing and twisting the plot as they make progress into the investigation and seeing which one do they bite.

Does anyone have any ideas come to mind reading these?

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